branches painted with white flat paint to look frosted

Christmas stage design ideas - painted twigs from the yard + some flat white spray paint + some foam snowflake cut outs = beautiful!

Christmas Walls from  Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio | Church Stage Design Ideas

Ronnie Martin from Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio brings us this Nordic-inspired Christmas stage. Against the four pallet walls, they constructed four tree silhouettes out of heavy duty foam cor.

translucent white fabric and put white Christmas lights behind it. Love how simple, yet elegant this is.

Drapes And Curtain Packed Christmas Church Stage Design Ideas They Added Some Noid Gift Theme Living Room Window Treatments , Christmas Curtains Style Design Ideas: Interior

A post-modern Christmas tree by ~LarryRaisch on deviantART

Candace, we only need like 20 more of the light up Christmas wire balls to make this a great floor tree by the stage!