EOS Sugar Candy Pink circle lenses. These coloured contacts have a thick limbal ring and bold splash of color to brighten up your eyes. Make your eyes your best feature! http://www.eyecandys.com/eos-sugar-candy-pink/

EOS Sugar Candy Pink

EOS Sugar Candy Pink Circle Lenses These extra large pink contacts feature a bold black ring with a sweet and subtle hint of color. Circle lenses in the truest

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I love this kind of fake eyelashes , it's so dolly like yet natural ! Ulzzang eye make up circle lens

Natural looking blue circle lenses for dolly effect.   Get ICK blue circle lenses (http://www.uniqso.com/ick-petal-blue) if this has impressed you.  #ICKbluelenses #bluecirclelenses

A thoughtful combination of wigs & circle lenses can entirely change the way you look. Wigs and circle lenses help people play arou.