good for new year to reinforce rules a a new way.    class promise:  when we care about each other and our classroom we share, take turns and help each other learn.  we listen carefully, always try our best, work hard, give each other praise and have fun together.  we know that every one makes mistakes and we won't laugh or make fun of them.  We think about what is right and stop when someone asks us to.  this is who we are when no one is watching...

Charts, Graphs & Classroom Pictures - Jennifer Jones - Picasa Web Albums Love this!

Upper Grades Are Awesome: Day Two - Class Rules and Time Capsules

"class rules with student signatures -- first day of school" . this is a good idea. I love the idea of having the kids sign it.

Kindergarten Classroom - Our Promise To Each Other - Social Contract. To make it official, students put their "I promise" hand print on the poster. Older students could also sign their hand.

Class Promise

Put on poster have kids sign it like a contract, display in class! instead of having rules hung up on the wall, make it fun and hang this up. this way it doesn't seem like "rules".idea for work next year :)

Poster display for classroom expectations and community building

"In Our Classroom" {Posters for Classroom Expectations and Community Building}

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Back to School

I love this idea! Ricca's Kindergarten: Class Promise {This would also work with my class' mission statement. The little faces really personalize it.

Classroom Promise - Beginning of the year - I like to have the kids make up their own promise though

I would like to have the students help create our own class promise. A neat idea that visually reminds tham and holds them accountable for their actions towards others.

This blog post details how we created our Class Promise during the first week of school.

Creating a class promise during the first days of school allows for student input and helps create a positive classroom community.

Display this First Grade Rules and Expectation chart in your classroom to show your students what behavior is expected of them.

First Grade Rules and Expectations

First Grade Rules and Expectations Perhaps we could change the title to agreement. Get kids to agree to this and then use as reminders about behaviour

Our Class Promise - What a great alternative to class rules. This is a much more positive approach! :)

Our Class Promise Contract

Use in coordination with the Our Class Promise Poster. This is a great alternative to having class rules. Our Class Promise is a way to teach students respect, empathy for others, and safety simultaneously.