Nemo - fimo clay (or fondant)

Tarta Buscando a Nemo con tutorial y receta Mud Cake de chocolate blanco

Clay Koi Fish by Kage-wolf13 on DeviantArt

Clay fish done in This was a Breadth work for a little fish contest thingy. We never did submit to them.

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there is something about this that reminds me of that rainbow fish book that i love. its like a version of a childhood illustration

Clay fish with different designs.                                                                                                                                                     More

Clay fish with different designs - perfect for or graders to tie into their salmon project. Can be turned into hanging art/ wind chimes

great to make out of fondant - gold fish - рыбка из полимерной глины

Great to make out of fondant - gold fish - рыбка из полимерной глины. Using fondant, cookie dough; clay or Polymer for craft.

We're wrapping up our week of fish with a love of art dolls. And ornaments. So it’s no wonder some odd but beautiful item like this fish ornament by doll and toy maker Nadine Pau would catch our eye. I'm enjoying the hint of Steampunk in this piece, with the metallic rivet-like accents, and the serene face. Check out her gallery and our Inspirational Challenge at The Polymer Arts magazine blog,

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