"Co-dependency is one of the deepest, almost pathologically...

"Co-dependency is one of the deepest, almost pathologically. codependency quote - likes this quote thank you!

Red flags= Deal breakers!

Bisexuality is a deal breaker? Well, your biphobia is a deal breaker for me. Your insecurity, immaturity, ignorance and desire to have everything revolve around you are a deal breaker for me.

Sometimes we all need space away from people that can be difficult and think there saints. It's time to see the light.

Detachment for Surviving Addiction

Detachment is about shifting the focus from the alcoholic - or person you are trying to change back to you. You are the only person you can control. For more help, click the image to read more.

Key word here is "Learning," ... not learned. I'm still working on this. I can't fix people, I can only love them.

Empathy and Boundaries

I am learning not to feel responsible for the problems, issue, circumstances or behavior of others, I am learning that I can show empathy & understanding and listen with care & attention without feeling the need to fix things or make them right.

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In an unhealthy relationships, one is Servant doing most of the work, the other "Master". A healthy relationship requires teamwork.

Are you codependent? Codependent relationships | relationship problems | codependent quotes | boundaries in relationships |  self care | people pleasing quotes | Click to learn more!

Are You Codependent?

Do you wonder if you are codependent or just a giving? These assumptions are a clue - to learn more about what codependency is, click the image. codependency quote - likes this quote thank you!

Enabling on Pinterest | Al Anon, Codependency Quotes and ...

The worst thing is watching someone drown and not being able to convince them that they can save themselves by just standing up

Codependency recovery starts with self care. Healthy relationships | codependent relationships | setting boundaries | 12 step recovery addiction | people pleasing | Click to read more.

The Benefits of Codependency

Can codependency be a good thing? In this guest post by Michelle Farris, she tells us the truth about the benefits of codependency. Perhaps codependency isn't