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Another coil pot

For once I thought I would make a coil pot that shows the coils from the outside. It really helps if you have a tool like this one to make your clay coils. Just slice through a slab of clay with th…

Ivory colored Coil Vase by WhistlingFishPottery on Etsy

Ivory colored Coil Vase, Exposed Coil Vessel, Decorative Ceramic Handbuilt Vessel, Coiled Stoneware Pottery, Open Neck Cream Vase


Art Ed Central loves :Hand Coil Pot- Claire Woolard ClayWorks. What a great way to intricate a hand in the art piece.

Pottery constructed using the coil method

Scrap Clay idea from Alene Sirott-Cope. this wavy/"spirally" vase reminds me of Van Gogh for some reason

30cm Coil Pot--Ceramics I

In the beginning of the coil pot unit, I was unsure of how to make a coil pot, since the concept was new to me. However, after learning the basics of coiling, I drew a sketch of my pot and began.