I like this ......different Flowers though

Love the coloring and realism of this tattoo. The bottom flower color is on point. I'd like that color for my wild geranium.

simple and inventive. Music Collage Tattoo v.2 by ~Fang639 on deviantART

Music Tattoo: Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Sharp, Flat, Eighth Note. I like this but switch out bass clef for the ying yang :)

‘Gladiolus’ by Eugenia Loli

eugenialoli: “DMT Trip” by Eugenia Loli OFF on everything at my TicTail store today btw!

Horror film tattoo by Dusty Neal from Black Anvil Tattoo, Fort Wayne Indiana.

This has to be one of the best Horror Film Collage Tattoos i have ever seen

Amazing Anime Tattoos Blob Post by Ink Done Right

25 Amazing Anime Tattoos

I don't know about u but I Studio Ghibli. Howls moving castle is to this day my favorite Ghibli movie. Each character has their own unique personality and features that differentiate them.

Sacred Heart - Vintage Paper Collage. Tags: Cross, Ephemera, DIY Paper Craft, Mixed Media Art, ATC, Card, Graphic, Illustration, Religious Icon,

My Sacred Heart - Vintage Paper Collage

Collage in Photoshop Dima Smoke smoke-tattoo.ru

Collage in Photoshop Dima Smoke smoke-tattoo.ru