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artistswanted: Alex Nero

Alex Nero photographs paint inside of a water tank to achieve this crazy effect.

Underwater Ink photographyby Alberto Seveso ------------

Just Awesome Smoke

Funny pictures about Colourful smoke. Oh, and cool pics about Colourful smoke. Also, Colourful smoke.

Mark Mawson

Mark Mawson's Explosive Photos of Neon Ink in Water

British photographer Mark Mawson drops paint into water and photographs the beautiful results for his Aqueous photo series entitled Aqueous Fluoreau. The images are stunning not only for their vibrant colors but their almost sculptural appearance.

A Colourful Smoke Bomb Photo Shoot by Ginger Blonde Photography on Whim Online Magazine

Check out this stunning and colourful smoke bomb photo shoot by Ginger Blonde Photography, plus read an interview with photographer Ashlyn!

Instagrams by Brian Crippe #inspiration #photography

Brian Crippe is a talented self taught photographer based in Portland, Oregon, USA. He shoots a lot of street, urban, landscape and cityscape photography.

Mark Mawson’s Explosive Photos of Neon Ink in Water

Mark Mawson's Explosive Photos of Neon Ink in Water

Stunning Underwater Ink Photography Photographer Mark Mawson published these neat underwater ink photographs, part of a series entitled Aqueous Fluoreau.

color explosion! this looks like so much fun

Smoke and colors - Louis LANDER -DEACON - Oh man. I’ll never tire of colored-smoke-in-the-woods photos.

colorful smoke

cloud of colors, same other perspective. type of colour photos if u stare at long enuf your mind will create its own pictures/images