Photographer Katie Joy Crawford explores her own anxiety disorder through haunting self-portraits. #photography #selfportrait #portrait

Photographer Explores Her Own Anxiety Disorder Through Haunting Self-Portraits

Katie Crawford created breathtaking self-portrait series "My Anxious Heart" to capture what it really feels like to suffer from general anxiety disorder.

We could experiment with face & body painting.


Etnia Cosmetics Campaign Beautifully simple and graphic campaign photographed by Jose Morraja. Concept and Art Direction by Lavernia & Cienfuegos + Ipsum Planet.

Creative concept & art direction by Solange Knowles Photography by Alan Ferguson

The Hotness: Solange Debuts Puma Collaboration “Girls of Blaze Disc Collection”

Aisha Zeijpvelds "Surreal Portraits". paper, photographer, photography, layer, hold, face, concept

Aisha Zeijpvelds "Surreal Portraits" - I like how the artist presents different textures. The plain background draws the eye to the detail and the texture of the image.

Instagram Star: Dave Krugman #inspiration #photography

Dave Krugman is a talented photographer, writer and social media consultant currently based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.

Beautiful and Delicate Photography by This Little Lion – Fubiz™

Beautiful and Delicate Photography by This Little Lion

Julia Kuzmenko McKim - Fashion photography - Natural disasters, volcano concept ideas

Fashion Photography by Julia Kuzmenko

Use rim light rather than background light to provide the complementary colours. Photo by Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Model: Tori Tracy, Makeup & Hair: Mikala Jean Vandenbroucke

Beauty Gloomy Portrait of Slevin Aaron (25)

Polish photographer Slevin Aaron has a diverse, yet characteristic portfolio. On his website he states it’s very important for him to make sure his models feel