Russian Constructivism

Russian Constructivism

Rodchenko, Aleksandr M. poster: "Lengiz" Books for all branches of knowledge (reproduction)

russian avant-garde. G1. Political Correctness in it's literal form. Poster that supports a specific political party.

Constructivism – Brett

Russian Constructivism- Gustav Klutsis - Workers, Everyone must vote in the Election of Soviets!

Propaganda Poster - Click link to view original source page

In this post we bring you a short list of creative and adorable poster design for your graphic inspiration. These poster designs ideas have their magical

VKhUTEMAS poster celebrating the Five-Year Plan, 1920s (via, via, via)

This is very complex because of the cranes and the way they have almost moulded together into one image. I like the fact that there's use of colour to separate or highlight something in an image that may not have been obvious before.

Constructivism Color Scheme

Russian Constructivism Color Scheme, not sure on acruacy but looks about right