The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// nadiuska & priscila furtado

nadiuska & priscila furtado (The Jealous Curator)

Some faces stand out. I am uniqueness with lipstick. Illustration work by "uinverso" aka sisters, nadiuska & priscila furtado.

dan abramson | The Jealous Curator | Bloglovin’

dan abramson (The Jealous Curator)

victoria villasana

victoria villasana (The Jealous Curator)

victoria villasana

alexandra levasseur | The Jealous Curator | Bloglovin’

alexandra levasseur (The Jealous Curator)

alexandra levasseur, intriguing portraits and figure paintings. There's something soft and innocent but hunting about theses images.

scott listfield

scott listfield (The Jealous Curator)

micaela lattanzio

micaela lattanzio (The Jealous Curator)

“Fragmenta” is one of many cut photography series by Rome based artist Micaela Lattanzio.

nicoletta daríta de la brown

nicoletta daríta de la brown (The Jealous Curator)

“El Barrio Bodega”, by Baltimore based artist Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown