Terence Nance III by Kehinde Wiley. The 10 American Contemporary Artists You Should Know on TheCultureTrip.com. Click the image to read the article. (Image via kehindewiley.com).

The 10 American Contemporary Artists You Should Know

kehinde wiley.

nakimuli: love kehinde’s work. ____________________________________________________ buttahlove: blackgirlphresh: kehinde wiley is the truth. One of my favorite artists.

hope gangloff Assignment: artist crush (2/2) I enjoy Hope Gangloff's use of color within her work that adds a light, smooth skin tone while then adding brisk sharp lines. Her use of texture is also amazing, especially with clothing which is usually very difficult to achieve in such detail.

Hope Gangloff

Black Gothic by Kadir Nelson.    http://www.artistdaily.com/blogs/artist-daily/kadir-nelson-figure-paintings?et_mid=926410&rid=236397887&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=ad-cja-nl-170306&utm_content=926410_EDT_ADE170306&utm_medium=email

Discover the Brilliant Work of Contemporary Artist Kadir Nelson

Zhou Fan - Chinese Contemporary Artist - Portfolio

Zhou Fan at Art Scene Warehouse. Zhou Fan was recognized as one of the top 3 emerging Chinese contemporary artists. Zhou Fan was awarded 'special mention' at the finals of the Chinese Art Prize Zhou Fan is three quarters Chinese and one quarter Japanese.

Guy Denning (English b1965), self taught contemporary artist/painter based in France. He is the founder of The Neomodern Group and part of the urban art scene in Bristol.

Illustration by Florian Nicolle Florian Nicolle aka Neo is gritty, the kind of gritty you can’t stay away from. Nicolle’s illustration are filled with splattered paintbrushes and unfinished figures left to your imagination to complete.

Artist Tracey Emin Discusses Her Favorite Contemporary Artists to Collect–Anne Austin Pearce Humours at the Fair

Tracey Emin on Her Favorite Contemporary Artists to Collect

Artist Tracey Emin Discusses Her Favorite Contemporary Artists to Collect–Anne Austin Pearce Humours at the Fa

www.cewax aime les vêtements hommes ethniques, Afro tendance, Ethno tribal Men's fashion, african prints fashion - Kehinde Wile

Kehinde Wiley fuses colonial-era portraiture with contemporary Jamaica...

His heroically-posed men are portrayed against a background of William Morris-esque patterns, and their powerful positions comment on the relationship between past subjugation and the present day.

Naomi Okubo, Japan. Between a room and a room of the wall paper of the leaf pattern, 2011. Acrylic,Oil,cotton and panel.

Contemporary artist Naomi Okubo, Japan (I think it's either watercolors or gouache - or both. some sort of water transferable paint, that is, not colored pencils, but I can think this kind of work done with colored pencils.

(Mud)Bucket is a blog about contemporary and indie ceramic art: pottery and sculpture and everything in between.  Included are occasional spots about being a student of ceramics and other related technical topics.  Occasional posts about non-ceramic, contemporary artists as well.

Marianne Hallberg is a Swedish ceramist with a fresh and unique take on traditional delftware. Hallberg makes charmingly illustrated pottery but also builds quirky sculptures out of slabs.