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How to Care for a New Color Tattoo

Cambodian graphic design artist Visoth Kakvei takes doodling to the next level. The 27-year-old freehands cool doodles that look like intricate three-dimensional mazes and nature-inspired designs. Each piece takes Kakvei anywhere from 3-6 hours to complete and is later digitally enhanced to mak…

This Dude Is Taking Doodling To A Whole Other Level

sixpenceee: “ Cambodian artist Visoth Kakvei masterfully brings together symbolism and style, and no sketchbook has enough pages for his creativity. The graphic designer usually draws his works freehand and the pieces take hours to.

A 17-year-old turned these fallen leaves into incredible works of art.<<<<That's so cool

A 17-year-old turned these fallen leaves into incredible works of art.

Contrast The moon is the light and the sky is dark aspect. They are compared next to each other. It shows the opposites of light and dark making the moon stand out.

As the edge of the moon touched the top of the waterfall the cascade turned the color of the pale yellow moon. Slowly the light touched the river and began to flow down the river. He watched, pensive, as his cloak flapped int he light breeze.

Itd be cool to have somethen like this on my sholder arm

Young Self-Taught Artist Creates Beautiful Watercolour & Pencil Drawings

Here are striking watercolor drawings by Dany Lizeth who is 17 years old Mexican artist. Dany Lizeth is very young, creative and talented artist who create

♡ Kristina Webb Art ♡ @colour_me_creative Instagram photos | Websta

25 Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings and Creative Art works by Kristina Webb

I did a drawing about 8 months ago of a peacock feather dress on a hanger and never got around to drawing a girl wearing it so here we go! Peacock feathers are a lot harder to work with than you would think (they are real)

This really reminds me of the Miyazaki film Princess Mononoke. Very cool movie, very cool art

Illustrations by Budi Satria Kwan

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I showed this to Jack (3 years) and he stared at it for a long time to take it all in, to Katie (8 years) and she said wow and studied it for a few seconds, to Jacob (5 years) and he was curious and wanted to know what it was and what it was made of and how it was made... 3 kids, 3 different reactions.

A dream city sits atop a seahorse's head

A dream city sits atop a seahorse's head -- cool fairytale seahorse by Chinese sculptor Hu Shaoming!- this is awesome!

Dessin - Oeil qui pleur des poissons à l’encre de chine by Nanami Cowdroy


A beautiful female eye cries tears of koi fish in this black and white illustration by Nanami Cowdroy

Such a cool picture! Share with your children, they will love it and their imagination will spark![ ] #bathroom #shop #deals

Get Beachy Waves Today! You Know You Want To

Picture Prompts for Writing! Who lives beneath this well? Who draws water from the well? What type of creatures live in the water?

MOoThis is going to be my board of cool paintings, photography, just random art that i seek, & love.

7 Ways To Find And Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius

The Earth Without Art is Just Eh. That means Canadians aren't good at art, eh ;

Octopus such a cool idea... And they say never draw on lined paper.

Beauty School 101: How To Shape Nails

Optical illusion drawing on lined paper (Octopus)! Found on Moodý Photography (FB).

Nuestro amigo #Zorro se ve muy creativo e inspirador,en que pensara?

Can We Guess Which Tattoo You're Thinking About Getting?

I like the fox design. Space Fox by nellmeowmeow //Just the design of the fox is perfect, very much like my style of art. (This for a drawing, not tattoo)

Incredible lipstick artwork

Lip art masterpieces kiss boring beauty looks goodbye