A decorated column drawing in incredible detail - notice how line hatching becomes more condense and therefore darker as the surface turns away from the light.

Corinthian Capital ~Terence Faircloth - Corinthian capital from the Federal Reserve Bank on South LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois.

The Bosphorus Frilly Corinthian Medallion Rug is a gorgeous updated take on the Medallion Rug.

In Classical Orders of Architecture, a Composite column is a Roman-designed column style that combines the Greek-designed Ionic and the Corinthian orders of architecture.

The Corinthian order is similar in design to the Ionic. The capital is the most distinct difference. The accompanying image does a good job of displaying the very decorative components that set the Corinthian order apart.

Try Angle Paper on Behance by Triangle-studio|Marbled Gold, rose gold and corinthian marble |

Acanthus leaves   I have always loved this, on Corinthian columns, and every way they have shown up through the ages in art motifs .  I have it growing in my yard ,too.

Acanthus Leaf Design, 1740 - collection of Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

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the 3 section of Entablature: This diagram depicts the visible components of entablature, a greek construction technique common in ancient stone temples.Greek Architecture: Parts of a column: