Math with Cupcake Liners: Counting Money Game. Customizable coin counting activity.

Learning with Cupcake Liners!

Cupcake lines aren't just for crafts! Use them to practice counting coins! Math with Cupcake Liners: Counting Money Game

Can You Buy It? A Money Counting FREEBIE

Wooohooo Friday

A Money Counting FREEBIE. Scroll down about half way down the page to grab this free resource. Go to: luckytobeinfirst.

Adding like coins worksheets that are differentiated! Lots of ideas on this post!

Differentiated money worksheets and so many fun learning money activities to teach kids how to count coins

The Grocery Game - Practice Counting Money with this fun, hands-on Money Game

Money Game - Counting Money - The Grocery Game

The Grocery Game - Practice counting money with this fun, hands-on activity! Great for Bear Achievement 13 - Saving Well, Spending Well

FREE printable Money booklet | 28 pages | The Curriculum Corner

Counting Money Practice Booklet

This counting money practice booklet is designed to give your students practice counting coins. Contains 28 page - free from The Curriculum Corner.

Show Me the Coins!

Identify the coin; Color the coins the corresponding color; After teaching a lesson over coins I will have students work on this as a guided practice activity that we do as a class.