Creature Feature - Unicorn Party design (UT10225) from

Stitch this playful party of magical unicorns just once, or overlap & repeat! Perfect for kids bedroom decor, apparel and more.

"Creature Features" with host Bob Wilkins (ran from 1971-84)..I hid in my room when this came on.

For Love of Horror and Country - Creature Features host Bob Wilkins

Creature Feature — Arabian Oryx

Did you know the Phoenix Zoo helped save the Arabian Oryx from extinction? Operation Oryx started in 1962 to save this special desert grazer.

Character -- it looks like a girl with a shadowy body and appears near water. it is said to make bizarre and horrific demands upon those it stalks

I read this wrong and thought it said "a girl and a shadowy boy meet near the water" and I thought "WRITING PROMPT"

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Stitch these playful creatures just once, or overlap & repeat as borders! Design Pack includes individual separations too.