i like this artwork because the apple has a very interesting form created by the geometric shapes in it. the are also a wide range of values used, that i do in my paintings.

Mackenzie here with a very exciting post (or I consider exciting). Here are 45 Incredible Geometric Illustrations by a

Crying woman (1937) by Pablo Picasso. Qué  profunda tristeza siento al contemplarlo! !!

From Goya to Picasso: Spanish art at Scotland's National Gallery

Picasso's Weeping Woman Pablo Picasso, Weeping Woman, oil on canvas. The Tate, London From the Tate London website: “ One of the worst atrocities of the Spanish Civil War was the bombing of the.

Gosia Herba

Gosia Herba Keeps Cubism Alive and Well in Her Illustrations

Gosia Herba's illustrations instantly appeal to me because of their art history influence—specifically, Picasso and the Cubist movement.

cubism. Sculpture- boxes coming towards viewer? Painted area in middle

Cubism in graphic design

This represents line, the various lines that circle the face direct the audience's eye to the face and more specifically the eyes. These lines are also used to define the edges of the face and eyes.

Georges Braque - Violin and Palette (1909) | Guggenheim (New York) Analytisch kubisme

Violin and Palette, Georges Braque 1909 - Guggenheim Museum

Lichtenstein - Cubist Still Life (1974)

Pablo Picasso was Lichtenstein's hero, says National Gallery curator Harry Cooper. Lichtenstein painted his Picasso-inspired Cubist Still Life in

Geometrical Facial Landscapes by Aldo Tolino

Geometric facial landscapes by Aldo Tolino

Origami inspired by Aldo Tolino Task: Workshop Using simple folding techniques, produce a creased portrait image (colour or black and white). -Draw on top of creased paper to fold -Use paper to create my illustration to then fold and scan in