Curly Girl Problems

Curly Hair Problem- Levels Of Curliness…there's not very many people who understand curly hair woes like these people do.

Hahaha is your hair naturally curly? Uh no I did this to myself

I hate when I see "curling iron" curls with the caption "Naturally curly ! Lolz" no sweetie

LOL...heard it a million times


and I pay good money for an amazing flat iron and anti-frizz hair care products.>>>>I hear this almost every time I straighten my hair or put it in a bun

Curly Girl Problems

I asked for a curling iron for christmas and my dad didn't understand the concept at all!

Curly hair problems

its takes me 30 mins to brush my darn hair !

I know NO ONE with my hair!!! Like I know people with some wavy hair and curls but NOTHING EVEN CLOSE to my hair!

actually all the females in my family have curly hair , im the only one with tight curls .

Omg am i the only one that puts in a hair clip and finds it like a week later

21 Awkward Moments Everyone With Curly Hair Understands

Before, I shared some Natural Hair Problems, and now I have some Curly Hair Problems for you.

Curly girl problems!!

It's likely that it would severely damage my hair B. My hair's already curly. Do you have any idea how much hairspray I'd have to use to keep those fake curls intact?