Germany: Currywurst - In Berlin, you can’t throw a beer stein without hitting a Currywurst stand. The recipe is simple: wurst covered in ketchup, sprinkled in curry powder, and served with french fries drizzled in mayo. After drinking a barrel of fun in the biergarten, it’s the best wurst to curb der hunger.

Germany: Currywurst

Bistro Kreuz+Kümmel Currywurst Berlin


Bistro Kreuz+Kümmel Currywurst Berlin

currywurst + berliner kindl, but only when in Berlin!

currywurst + berliner kindl=the best ever

The one dish travelers must sample in Berlin is currywurst – this is the city’s signature dish.

A Food Lover’s Guide to Berlin

Chef Pierre Gagnaire, who runs Les Solistes at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin, tells us what to eat and where in the German capital.

Currywurst - berlin germanu

Currywurst - berlin germanu

The Deutsches Currywurst Museum at Schützenstraße 70 near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

One of the first things I felt I needed to do when I got to Berlin was to try currywurst. Luckily the hostel I was staying in was just a .

Currywurst  Berlin, Germany  Germany has perhaps as many sausages as France has cheeses, so naturally, Berlin's favorite street treat involves Wurst. But currywurst is no New York–style hot dog: A dense, juicy 13" sausage cut into chunks, it lounges in a puddle of ketchup spiked with curry powder and paprika.

currywurst sausage cut into chunks in a puddle of ketsup spiked w/ curry powder & paprika) Berlin, Germany