Cyber goth subculture is a mix of gothic and raver subcultures. Have you ever met these colorful people? Check our gallery and get some bright inspiration!

Cyber Goth Style Inspiration

Eye Detail Cybergoth lines achieved via a liquid eyeliner to add heavy lines, Iris color NOT accurate in this. Side detail of Cyberlox shown at connection point. If wired connection needed the unit houses in her cyberlox blended for camouflage.


Black and purple crinoline dread falls, gas mask and goggles. PVC corset and skirt.

Black Sweetie, futuristic girl, cyberpunk boots, cyber goth, futuristic look, black and red, cyber girl, goth fashion, red hair, alternative...

Black Sweetie, futuristic girl, cyberpunk boots, cyber goth, futuristic look…

cold glass lips by *danneggiato via @missmetaverse

chubirubi: cold glass lips by *danneggiato Love the detail that goes in the mouth, not just into the lips around it, stunning. K-doll .

Cyber Gothic - Page 4

Green-eared Cybergoth its almost like a cyberfurry needs a tail . wonder if those skates work

Anatomy of a CyberGoth, bahahaha love this one. Gotta love Voltaire for this one. I have this book. It's great. What is Goth? By Voltaire

Cyber Goth Anatomy: originally published in an issue of BlueBloods magazine about It was truly inspiring.

Corset, dreadfalls, and those fur leg thing-ys.

Another example of how variable black can be! With all of the layers in this cybergoth look, you can almost forget it's entirely monochromatic!