Small campers- the Citroen Berlingo with a roof tent is merely one of the examples.

Small campers are a combination of various compact solutions like the roof top tent and the camping box. They will transform your average vehicle to a comfortable camper in a matter of minutes.

With the Countryman ALL4 Camp MINI has revived the classic roof tent. What was a perfect solution for spontaneous trips to the countryside before, still works quite well. The perfect place to sleep is exactly where you just want to. A few handles and the Roof Top Tent is ready for a wonderful night on the sea, in the woods, in the mountains or on the top car park, situated in the city. Thanks to the all-wheel drive, you can plunge with the ALL4 even through rough terrain into new adventure.

MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp

Mini Clubvan Camper: Mini unveils the world's smallest luxury camper van and a 'safari-style' tent

Berlingo / Partner blackout screens pre 2009

Berlingo / Partner blackout screens pre 2009

Toller Ausbau zum Minicamper mit Anleitung!

The MicroCamper A.k.a "Fat Berta"

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Campingbus: Westfalia Columbus - neue Grundrisse

Camper: Westfalia Columbus not our model, but I like the outdoor table that slides onto the cabinet.

compact mini camping-car

Transformez votre utilitaire compact en mini camping-car