Oh, just thinkin 'bout puppy stuff; you know, like w_a_l_k_s, belly rubs, kissez, treats... did I say walks?

" Oh - de ball we wuz playin' wif? I thinks I swallowed it. I guess it's vet time, huh?

The cat did it.

8 Dogs Apologizing With Their Eyes. How Can You Not Forgive Them!

Dackelwerbung | Dackelblick

Dackelwerbung | Dackelblick

Iso In Slow Motion - Bath Time!

Iso In Slow Motion - Bath Time! (music by Ingrid Michaelson) This video is so wonrerful.

Awww! If Kevin ever let's us get a wiener, I want it to be a wirehair! They are adorable!

Wirehaired dachshunds are one of the cutest types of dachshunds around. This list of the cutest wirehaired dachshunds has been ranked as dog lovers as the cutest.

mini longhair dachshund - Google Search

Adorable little chocolate dapple, long haired Dachshund puppy Chevy sleeping.