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This is exactly how I felt about my dad. He always told me to shoot for the moon although it was okay to land among the stars.

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daddy girls quotes - Awww wish my dad was still alive but he did all this stuff and he was the greatest father on the planet. My whole world changed,his death changed how I see everything! Love you dad

Daddys girl. Made me feel so good talking to him tonight! Can't wait til Christmas!!!

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Especially when life throws nothing good your way, only your Dad would know how to talk to you, reason with you and give you all the reassurance in the world.

Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

I will teach them EXACTLY what NOT to accept from a man.

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A father's job,isn't to teach his daughter,how to be a lady,it's to teach her,how a lady should be treated

dad quotes - Google Search love you Monte Hazen! Your my hero!

"Love You Dad" Quotes to Include in Your Father's Day Card ...

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Dad: Brush her hair when she's a little girl. It will be one of her fondest memories someday.

Dad: Brush her hair when she's a little girl. It will be one of her fondest memories someday. My dad did my hair every day as a little girl,brings back good

Ain't it son? Y'all run along and have some fun, I'll see you when you get back bet I'll be up all night, just cleanin' this gun.

She's her daddy's girl and her momma's world, She deserves respectm and that's…