Great idea to keep focused and organized for the day.  Visit her blog to find out how she uses it.

10 Free Printable Daily Planners

Choose from these free printable daily planners in a wide variety of styles, including half-size planners, daily dockets, and customizable planners.

Free Daily Docket Printable...this one is really FREE if you like her FB page.

to do list {free printable}

this to do list printable to do list helps me in organizing my days. i added an "outfit" section in an effort to wear real clothes every day…

Check out this Daily Docket I use to keep my days organized. You can also download a customizable version that allows you to type in your own information directly into the form so that you can stay organized, too!

Household Management Forms

Printable personal cleaning list, including cleaning tasks to be done daily, weekly, and and semi-annually. also includes a customizable form that you can fill out on the computer and print for your personal use.