Dammit! Damian Lewis makes me question my policy on gingers.

Damien Lewis from Homeland. Fun Fact He's British. Fun Fact He's pretty much the only hot male ginger actor ever. Fun Fact He actually sounds hotter speaking in an American accent than his native British.

Damian Lewis as Brody, Homeland.   Also excellent as Winters in Band of Brothers

Damian Lewis as Brody, "Homeland." Also excellent as Winters in "Band of Brothers," and the star in a tv show called "Life.

Damian's Dominion: Damian Lewis Portrait Gallery - Archive 5

Allrighty, photo 731 of Damian Lewis posted - time to go to bed I'm getting loopy here

in. love.  Damian Lewis - Nicholas Brody (Homeland)

[BORN] Damian Lewis / Born: Damian Watcyn Lewis, February 1971 in St. John's Wood, London, England, UK Sexy as hellllll ;

Imitation: Damian Lewis was spotted filming scenes for his latest movie Our Kind Of Traitor on Wednesday looking like Michael Caine's iconic bThe Ipcress File character Harry Palmer

Damian Lewis is spitting image of Michael Caine's Harry Palmer

Damian was filming scenes on the banks of the river Thames in London, wearing a beige overcoat, a plaid scarf and smart trousers.

His face is very similar to that of my first real boyfriend. A short, thin, muscular ginger with beautiful blue eyes. Together 2 years and at it 4 and 5 times a day. Too bad he turned into an abusive drug addict a**hole, lol

Damian Lewis is awesome! Love him in Band of Brothers as Captain Winters (reminds me of my husband) and adore him in Life! Great actor and hot red head win win :D

Homeland - Well, we'll never see Claire Danes & Damian Lewis hamming it up like this in ANY episode!!  Love this show!!

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Damian Lewis - he was so great in Band of Brothers.

Damian Lewis--thank you for being a redheaded male heartthrob. Quite a feat.

News Photo : Damian Lewis at the 'Billions' Press Conference...

News Photo : Damian Lewis at the 'Billions' Press Conference.