The “Dance of Death” in The Seventh Seal (1957, dir. Ingmar Bergman)

freezintears: The “Dance of Death” in The Seventh Seal dir. Ingmar Bergman) “The final scene when Death dances off with the traveler.

16de eeuw - Dance macambre- prachtig, klassiek stuk! N.d.R.

paysagemauvais: “ Anonymous - Dance of Death (Germany century) Pen and brown ink, brush and brown ink, watercolor and gouache, with touches of gold Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.

Danse macabre by Michael Wolgemut - Danza Macabra (Saint-Saëns) - Wikipedia

1493 Michael Wolgemut - Dance of Death. This image is the Dance of Death in the German printed edition, folio CCLXI recto from Hartman Schedel's Chronicle of the World (Nuremberg, thought to be created by Michael Wolgemut (b. Nürnberg, d.

Frontispice pour Johan Vogel : Icones Mortis - 1648 - illustrations par Eberhart Kieser

magictransistor: “Hans Holbein, The Dance of Death (Danse Macabre), Woodcuts from between 1522 and 1538 [Lützelburger].

...from Holbein's Dance of Death Alphabet. © The Trustees of the British Museum

'Dance of Death Alphabet' by Hans Holbein (detail) © The Trustees of the British Museum

Nothing I said was bullshit. You broke me in unimaginable ways. You shattered so much of me. All so I would leave you? He was never in the picture that way. Not until a short while ago. You put me through hell and did so many fucking things to me. I wasn't loved or appreciated. You were the one who had others. who didn't care. I cared I was loyal and I loved you. I still do but I can never be your again or love you again. For that would be signing my death certificate.

Quand les artistes parlent de leur dépression : 25 dessinateurs illustrent ce que c'est que de vivre au quotidien avec la dépression

Artists Portray Depression And The Results Are Scary Drawing look very scary like bullying, It's make me feeling scared because of their red creepy eyes, They are strangers look at this person was like depressed. Well, I feeling very sad.

Totentanz_Lübeck_filtered.jpg (JPEG Image, 8072 × 632 pixels)

Totentanz_Lübeck_filtered.jpg (JPEG Image, 8072 × 632 pixels)