Sweet Lord. I cannot even with Daniel Henney. If I continue to look at this picture, I'll probably start foaming at the mouth.

Let's all give thanks for 20 shirtless photos of Daniel Henney

suitupplease: Daniel Henney (Bazaar Korea)

stylekorea: “ Harper’s Bazaar Korea Title: The Gentleman Model: Daniel Henney Photographed by Hong Jang Hyun June 2013 ”

Oh Daniel Henny, why you so handsome!?!

Daniel Henney and Jessica snap a photo together

Daniel Henney KDrama actor stars in Hawaii Five-0, December 2012 episode

Daniel Phillip Henney is an American actor and model. His mother is S Korean.

Pure Pretty: Daniel Henney | The Fangirl Verdict

Daniel Henney Voice of hapa big brother Tadashi Hamada in BIG HERO 6 and is hapa himself.

perfect hair :: Daniel Henney

An actual angel lovingly carved out of exquisite alabaster marble.