Michael Shanks aka Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1. One of my all-time favorite TV shows

Michael Shanks aka Daniel Jackson on Stargate One of my all-time favorite TV shows < and THIS is why I always for the nerdy guys on shows.

Daniel Jackson #SG1

Daniel Jackson/Michael Shanks Thunk Thread - Page 2344

Daniel Jackson #FullCircle #SG1

Daniel Jackson #FullCircle #SG1

Michael Shanks ~ Stargate's resident geeky archaeologist   #Shanks #Stargate #SG1

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson ~ Stargate's resident geeky archaeologist (and probably my favorite character - if I had to pick favorites)

Michael Shanks... Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1 again!!!

I would also love to meet Daniel Jackson the character Michael Shanks plays in he is the role model for the job I want to be in :P

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson. I never saw that watch get auctioned: wonder if someone took it home?

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson, Stargate - currently playing Dr. Charlie Harris of "Saving Hope"

Dr. Daniel Jackson

The most gorgeous man alive - for MY taste ! Michael Shanks with his Daniel Jackson glasses (Stargate)

I think Indiana Jones might have been the first with a gun. Which does not mean that the people who are like this after him are not amazing. Just do not assume it is something new. Although as this points out I think Daniel wins for weapons. :)

Danial Jackson was the awesome, kickbutt archaeologist who died multiple times waaay before River Song. Plus he's cuter, and is the very definition of humility.