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Axe Crazed Annie | Creepypasta OC Age: 16  DOB: March 21st Name: Annie Darling

Mayu is definitely one of my favorite Vocaloids because she's a Yandere

horror anime girl - Google keresés

Anime picture with sword girls kris flina lena (zoal) single tall image short hair looking at viewer light erotic red eyes fringe bare shoulders sitting white hair kneeling white skin blood stains girl bow ribbon (ribbons) hair bow

Bloody dark anime girl Guro pastel goth self harm

☾💉Bloody dark anime girl Guro pastel goth self harm🔪💊

Rua. I'm 18 and have trust issues. I have lost my family and I live in a huge empty mansion/castle. I cut and I just want someone to love me for who I am not what I look like. I wish I had friends... I was gonna get married but my fiance tried to kill me in my sleep. I fought him and that was an embarrassing moment for me. He just wanted my money. The small town i live in is really rude to me. The people who r nice r often from another town.

Nyx, Dark Witch Queen, all dark powers [Lilith] Not truly steampunk, but dark & lovely

vocaloid, anime, and dark image

Ca CALNE, created by some guy I forgotXD but hey She's cool and all, just make sure to hear and see "Bacterial Contamination " which relates more to her.

Dark anime girl Elfen Lied

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