Dark Joke - Damn! LOL

Police in Sydney, Australia, released this X-ray of the skull of Chen Liu, who died after being shot in the head with a nail gun 34 times. Liu's bound body was found in a river in November.

nope I just continue laughing-rq

Lol being in the usmc and working In the oil field has really twisted my since of humor lmaooo

The Tasteless T-Rex. "Dark jokes are like kids with cancer. They never get old."

The Tasteless T-Rex

Oh my god! I love this!

If I was a serial killer, my name would be "the suspense" so my victims would be like, "Oh no, the suspense is killing me" and then we would both laugh right before I kill them.

Tell me your best anti jokes

Tell me your best anti jokes

The darkest jokes ever... Some weren't good but others were. . .im a horrible person XD

The darkest jokes ever. Some were awful. Not a fan of dead kid/ child abuse jokes, and a few others were just boring. But some was funny.