The German train system has some great tickets which make traveling in groups especially affordable. For example, up to 5 people can go anywhere in a single German state all day on a single ticket!

Bayern-Ticket - regional ticket for Bavaria class starting at 23 euro, Valid for one person on the day of validity, from Monday to Friday from and on Saturday and Sunday and public holidays from Each additional person pays 5 euro

Map of Dialects in Germany

Map of dialects in Germany. German men are so manly. They're not very open with their feelings though, lol. Tell me sweet little lies. Lie to me, if you have to.

spanish animals of africa - Google Search

Portuguese Word Book to Print: Animals Page. Print out a Portuguese Word Book.

German reading challenge worksheets for your German lessons. Students have to read the sentences attentively and check the given information to decide if the sentences are true or not. This set has 24 worksheets in color and 24 worksheets in black/white. From easy to more challenging. I included all answer keys. Diese deutschen Leserätsel eignen sich besonders gut für den DaF/DaZ Unterricht.

German Reading Challenge richtig oder falsch? 24 Leserätsel

German reading challenge worksheets for your German lessons. Students have to…

"Die Top 100 Deutschen Youtube Kanale" - YouTube: Erfolgsfaktoren des Videonetzwerks

YouTube: Erfolgsfaktoren des Videonetzwerks. (Screenshot: Webvideo)

Infografik: Fitness  Daten zum Thema Fitness in Deutschland. #statista #infografik

Fitness in Deutschland

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