Best opening credit ever.

Best opening credit ever.

Best opening credit ever. <-- I honestly didn't expect anything else from a Deadpool movie

Ha,This was one of my favourite parts of the movie.

What's my name? *spoiler alert*

Gotta love Deadpool. I literally called this the first time I went to see it!

Gotta love Deadpool.

Defanitly on of my most favorie mocies. I can't really pick just one. But if I had to I would pick the first one I thought of at that moment. If someone asked me.

:O He has Hello Kitty!!!!! Just like the Deadpool movie (I bet Wade bought it for him and left it as a gift on a random rooftop)!!

This is why FanFictions will forever depict Peter Parker (Tom Holland) wearing Hello Kitty pajamas and practically swimming in an oversized T-shirt.he's freaking adorable!