Top left is the benders, bottom left is lazarus rising - I can't remember which one bottom right is but he's used his last quarter on the magic fingers LOL

Minus the Castiel comment because I want to picture myself down there and not him lol.

jensen ackles and Baby! Watch for a new season of Supernatural. Or watch reruns of Smallville where Jensen played Jason, the Coach.

Jensen or the Impala? Damn I think I will take them both! Jensen in his Impala is mega hot! Hot Guy + Hot Car = A happy ME!

Jensen Ackles lookin fine as usual

How gorgeous and sexy is Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester from Supernatural in this photo!


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Other pinner: "dean's beautiful faces. I read it as (from top left to right) sexy-funny sexy-funnier sexy-sexy-sexy-OMFG-sexy-sexy-sexy-awww Dean-sexy.

Holy fuck.... That is the hottest thing i have ever read in my entire life...

List of the best eyes on male celebrities, ranked by appreciative fans. This list includes many of the hottest famous men with the prettiest eyes in the world, incl.

White shirt, sleeves rolled up... guh.

White shirt, sleeves rolled up. Jensen Ackles, and I'm riding shotgun.

I was bored and found these hot pics of Jensen Ackles so I put them together... This is how it turned out!

I was bored and found these hot pics of Jensen Ackles so I put them together. This is how it turned out!<------who ever u r pleeeeaaassseee make more!