Deep Sea Diving Outfit is comprised of Helmet, diving suit, breastplate, weighted belt, communications, divers boots, a knife, air hose

Deep Sea Diving Outfit is comprised of Helmet diving suit breastplate weighted belt communications divers boots a knife air hose

scuba punk

Underwater photographer

Here is my design for a Nautilus deep-sea suit and a custom-built underwater camera. And here's a shot of me in the suit (optional beard) as photographed in the

Illustration inspiration | #217 | From up North

Illustration inspiration

Again with the steampunk thing. A bit of the old Leagues Under the Sea". Our explorer investigates the depths of the sea in search of a sunken v. Into the Depths

Deep Sea Diver

Art for DIBUJARTE Magazine, issue Section Magolobo´s tutorials On this lesson I talk about drawing undersea backgrounds, some of those are really easy to make if you consider blur to re.

Cool deep sea diver illustration. Greyscale adds atmosphere. The drips really stand out. Shading very well done. Smoke looks great too.

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20,000 leagues under the sea by on @deviantART

a painting from school last year based off the classic novel. was my first painting in traditional media ever, learned a lot!

Resultados de la Búsqueda de imágenes de Google de,%2520Winchester,%2520Diver%2520at%2520the%2520Cathedral%25201900%27s.jpg

For some reason, in the early this deep sea diver appeared at Winchester Cathedral. Those deep sea diving suits are both very cool .