Foxglove    You can usually count on foxglove to deter deer because it's poisonous. It is also beautiful with its tall spikes of pink, purple, cream, or white blooms in early summer. The most common foxgloves live for only two years, but if you let them drop seed, new plants will come back reliably for years to come.    Plant Name: Digitalis selections    Growing Conditions: Part shade to sun and moist, well-drained soil    Size: To 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide    Zones: 4-8, depending on…

Top Deer-Resistant Plants of the Northwest

Deer Busters: The Top Deer-Resistant Plants for the Pacific Northwest Stop deer from mowing down your yard with these tough plants.

Are deer eating everything you plant? Try these 10 deer-resistant plants, your landscape will thank you!

10 Deer-Resistant Plants

10 deer-resistant plants to keep your yard beautiful and safe from hungry local wildlife. Try these flowers and shrubs so your landscape isn& a snack!

great perennials for shade all of them deer resistant, flowers, gardening, perennials

Great Perennials for Shade (All of Them Deer Resistant)

60 Deer Resistant Plants For Your Garden

60 Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Garden. The easiest way to protect your garden from hungry deer is to choose plants they dislike.

Black-eyed Susan  LOCATION: sun, HEIGHT: 24-36"  Deer resistant & drought tolerant.

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Periwinkle- deer resistant flower

Periwinkle- deer resistant flower - I have always had this at my cottage as it is one of the few plants the deer leave alone

Dianthus Sweet William - deer resistant, perennial, easy, border

Dianthus Sweet William - deer resistant, perennial, easy, border, comes in many sizes from miniature to tall.