Perfect example of the "swirls" I want on my Disney sleeve

Windsor and Newton gouache paint on Arches Watercolor Block My sketches and work in progress shots for my “Colors of the Wind” painting for the Disney Wonderground Gallery.

untitl18.0.jpg 351 × 829 pixels                                                                                                                                                      More

351 × 829 pixels More Notes: Body proportions/stature for Tarzan should be highlighted in what he wears.

17 Pieces of Stunning Mulan Concept Art

17 Pieces of Stunning Mulan Concept Art


Gothel has always loved the hair, Rapunzel was just the puppet. The Queen loved Rapunzel, she didn't care about the hair. Eugene was the same as the Queen

Tangled Fan Art

Chibis Merida and Mum Bear from Pixar's Brave by *princekido [David Gilson] on deviantART

Drawings of disney villians | Disney Villains by MattesWorks

True talent, I just love this. My favorite part is the hook and Jafars Septer. Disney Villains by ~MattesWorks on deviantART