The link doesn't go anywhere, but I like this idea for taking pennies to disney world for the pressed penny machines. Load in two quarters and a penny and you're good to go!
Walt Disney World Discount Guide for Low-Cost Disney World Vacations in Orlando Florida
There are so many attractions at Walt Disney World Resort, and sometimes as a parent it can be tough to determine which ones are a good fit for younger children. Once I had kids, I was pleasantly surprised at just how many rides and experiences are available for everyone, including the littlest members of the family. There are 25 attractions without any height requirements at Magic Kingdom Park alone! Once your baby grows into a preschooler, there is even more fun to be had on rides for…
Micky maus nägel Mickey mouse nails

66 Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

Walt Disney World Planning
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Sometimes having a pleasant day at Disney World requires knowing what NOT to do as much as it does knowing what to do. Some Disney bits of wisdom are simply common sense while others are common courtesy. Nonetheless, many Disney guests are clueless about many of them. Here are a few things that Disney Insiders…
Guide to Disney World for Guests Using Wheelchairs
Show us your Miner hair and beard styles to win a Walt Disney World vacation!
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7 Tips for a rainy day at Walt Disney World

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Heading to Walt Disney World? Just back? Decorate your magic bands as a fun fashion accessory! These three methods are super quick and easy, and use things you probably have around your house (nail polish, stickers, temporary tattoos, glue and bling..

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Pressed Penny Checklist for Walt Disney World /erik_naville/ =)

Walt Disney World Pressed Penny/Coin Check List and Guide

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Disney trivia: Bet you didn't know these 16 things about the happiest place on earth.

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