DIY gloves from old socks #DIY #crafts by Krista.S

Cut off socks above ankles at length you want your gloves. Turn Socks inside out. Sew three “Vs” on raw edge for 4 fingers (see photo). Cut between stitched V’s to create fingers. Put on glove and mark where thumb is. Cut inch slit for thumb.

I am a big Pinterest fan and have frequently professed my love for it here. One of the things that I don’t like about it, however, is when hacks are classified as “simple” or “quick” and they involve about 20 different supplies and 40 steps. I’m not sure where that would be classified as easy, … Read More

One cut to Tie a T-Shirt.great for too big tshirts! tie tees when wearing maxi skirts (to avoid too much bulk).

Revamp a shirt from a thrift store... Love the effortless look here.

Picking out an old collared shirt and making shoulder cutouts. This looks flawless 😍

How to Cut a Sweatshirt for an '80s Style (with Pictures) | eHow

If you're going for an look, be it for a costume party or just as a throwback to a different era, cutting a sweatshirt is one of the easiest ways.

DIY Denim from back in the day. Part of the Hip Hop Fashion expression late 80s to early 90s.

Outfits and Looks, Ideas & Inspiration DIY Denim from back in the day. Part of the Hip Hop Fashion expression late to early - Go to Source -

Make this easy T-Shirt with a pair of Scissors. TutorialThings You Need. T-ShirtScissors   Cut off the collar.Fold the shirt in half. Mark the shoulder of the shirt with chalk. Cut the shirt. Tie eac

WobiSobi: Shoulder Tied Tee- Shirt, DIY - We offer our customers the chance to purchase high quality products for low affordable prices! Such as bespoke clothing pieces, trinkets and customisable phone cases.

Just in case you ever want to distress your jeans:) ♥Click and Like our facebook page♥

Easy DIY Crafts: Just in case I ever want to distress jeans. Probably not with new jeans though, probably thrift store ones.

Diary of a Fit Mommy: DIY One Step Leg Warmers for Fall

Co ld weather is just around the corner! I love all things winter-including winter fashion amp; Leg warmers are great for the gym w.