Do It Yourself Ideen mit alten Reifen - 20 inspirierende Beispiele (Cool Teen)

Old tires don't have to go to the landfill when they're no longer useful for transportation. You can color them in different colors and make a planter, make a swing for children, or you can make tire ottoman covered with fabric.

Do-it-Yourself Hocker aus alten Autoreifen #upcycling #DIY #doityourself #Hocker #Autoreifen #Basteln #Wohnen #Bosch #Galaxus

Do it yourself – Verwandle einen alten Reifen in ein trendiges Möbelstück!

Do-it-Yourself Hocker aus alten Autoreifen #upcycling #DIY #doityourself #Hocker #Autoreifen #Basteln #Wohnen #Bosch #Galaxus

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When you tires are partly torn out or are not useful for transportation anymore, what do you usually do? Throw them in the junk yard? Leave them in as your landfill? Amazingly, there are lots of DIY tire projects homemade&

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Do It Yourself Ideas With Old Tires – 20 Inspirational Examples

Haben Sie viele Altreifen in der Garage? Sie können mit diesen tolle DIY Ideen realisieren. Wollen Sie einige Tipps dazu? Do It Yourself Ideen mit Reifen...

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DIY Tire Flower Planter Tutorial -- This is great! I have an old tire in the gully behind my house. Guess I will make a planter out of it. diy-do-it-yourself bastelideen 30-bastelideen-sommer-hula-hoop-reifen.html diy-do-it-yourself bastelideen 30-bastelideen-sommer-hula-hoop-reifen.html

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Make a sandbox with a tire! a tractor tire sandbox painted, add sand and an umbrella Tractor tires made great sandboxes .