Don't judge me! @Allie Barnett

people should not judge others unless they are perfect, not just think they are! Nobody is perfect.don't want to take the place of God. He alone will judge.

It's easy to judge but harder to understand

It's easy to judge it's more difficult to understand understanding requires compassion patience and a willingness to believe that good heart sometimes choose poor methods through judging we separate through understanding we grow

Non-jugement  Écoute active Se mettre à la place de l'autre

Carl Jung quote: Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge. Ironically most of THOSE people live in glass houses.

Vackert, men ledsam text... Ibland är livet en berg och- dalbana. För alla. Livet handlar om att hitta sig själv igen och våga hoppas på en ljus framtid Var ödmjuk, du har ingen aning om vilka fighter en människa kanske kämpar mot inombords.

I love this quote so much, you really don't know what storm God has asked some people to walk through. So when you see some homeless girl or boy do NOT judge them, you have no idea how there life is or who they are.

×--×  Yas plez don't judge me....

I'm not afraid of change I actually welcome it. Kinda of the whole Libra balance thing. Change is necessary to that balance. Now clowns I fear cause they're creepy to me and always have been.