Vintage Solid Brass Door Knocker – Pineapple design “Welcome”

Vintage Solid Brass Door Knocker – Pineapple design “Welcome”

Audrey 10/28: This picture makes me really happy - I've always loved the idea of interesting front doors and door knockers, because they can be really symbolic of the house inside. I like the mix of classic and quirky in this picture, with the old-appearing knocker being a literal key.

15 Door Knocker Designs That Make The Entrance Stand Out

How much wood can a woodpecker peck if a woodpecker cant reach wood??? ...

door knocker - we get so many woodpeckers that land on our cedar wood siding pecking away (sometimes waking us up!

Ella Door Knocker  You never forget a first impression. Made of substantial hand-hammered brass, our door knocker pairs a ring with a simple, stepped striking plate.

Ella Hammered Door Knocker, Vintage Pewter finish

rosebiar:  Justina Persnickety •  Medusa door knocker | JV ❤❤❤

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