This is going outside in a corner. Not for the bad bunnies. Because it's a corner hutch! I bet you already knew that just by looking of the picture.

Large rabbit hutches ideal for giant rabbits. Choosing a large Rabbit Hutch for keeping more than one rabbit. Advice from Ideas 4 Rabbits.

Rabbit Hutch See mom, we can make this and then I can have a bunny!:)

Rabbit Hutch nice design I hope the downstairs was developed as well so they had more room though!

cute double rabbit hutch

Double 4 x 4 Rabbit Hutch. I like this as a rabbit hutch, but instead of the shingles, use just some tin.

rabbit hutch plans - Google Search

Double Rabbit Hutch Plan

Rabbit hutches can be built in many ways depending on the plans that are used. Here are several rabbit hutch ideas and designs to use for your DIY project.

This rabbit hutch would be good for the males!

Sportsman - Two-Story Premium Pet Hutch - Secure nesting area with solid floors and safe locking doors. Rust resistant wire and non-toxic wood finish will protect pet hutch from harsh weather elements.