I'm seeing all this but I don't know what it means.

Just because I've drawn eyes on my hands doesn't mean I'm incapable of holding your hand you idiot

If I could art, my arms/hands would always have drawings on them. But I can't do art...

Dallas has a thing for painting on people. I definitely think he probably did something for Vannah too >D

I love this piece of art as it shows the variation of hands that have been sketched. The effect of this in the format of a sketch book is that you can experiment in lots of different ways on one page to show the reader or the observer how many different techniques have been used to achieve the final piece.

hand study propelling pencil paper size more my studies: edit: hey guys, thank you so much for all the faves~

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Fist Hand Reference -really helpful breakdown of the hand. i personally am terrible at draweing ahnds so this is very relevant to me and charector design.

Hand grab by ~Ashinamee on deviantART

Awesome use of line to create depth and texture Hand grab by ~Ashinamee on deviantART

damianrules:  I said I’d write up a tutorial on how to make these wings. It’ll be terrible So, here goes. XD Have one or two friends to help...

cosplay DIY craft tinkerbell tutorial step by step Periwinkle fairy wings a very bad one fairy wing tutorial