Splatter and drip painting done right.

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paint dripping down model's face, creative makeup

Graphic Makeup Beauty Images, Paint dripping Dani Lundquist model PhotoShoot by New York Beauty Photographer Jamie Nelson

Jonni Cheatwood’s Grace Series As we see here, there is framework at play, and there is also texture created by the person we see.

Jonni Cheatwood’s Grace Series

ROUND 2 SEMI-FINALISTL: JONNI CHEATWOOD Unsure of what he wanted to do for his career, Jonni took a chance on an Intro to Painting course in college. After completing an assignment to remake a Jackson Pollack painting, he was hooked as an artist.

I love to find paintings that are simple and inspire me to want to try it myself.

The Stripe paintings are part of large series of paintings that work with color and compostion.



Holton Rower may not have been inspired by Dr. Seuss, but his pour paintings are certainly reminiscent of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Rower is a New York artist who creates some of the most captivating puddles you’ll never have to step in.

dripping color | the colors caught by eye and i love it the concept of the drips ...

I want to try this for its lovely colour and tonal effects COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS by Zakhar Krylov, via Behance. Ink effects and photoshop tutorials - see tutorial links to Mr Talbot / Digital Art Wall. Search repetition in action of drawing, ink or paint.