I Love Type Limited Box Set. In no way do I need this, but damn, I want it hard.

I Love Type Limited Box Set

gold foil + geometry = heaven. // logo / triangle / diamond / shapes and lines / simple and clean / logo / branding / identity

Certificate design for the ACT Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. Design by Pidgeon



Tropical Themed Holographic Foil Business Cards For A Bar

These cards were created for a tiki bar and they feature an unusual colour combination and a tropical theme with a modern twist.

A lovely example of business cards for a wedding planner made with Letterpress, Cotton and Pearl Pink paper.

EMBOSSING/DEBOSSING/LETTER PRESS : This is an example of letter pressing the title of the card, debossing from the top side of the stock and embossing from the underside of the stock to create a unique and effect within the design.