<3 This idea!!! Our Simple Farm: Try Your Hand at Drying Flowers!

Dried Flowers, I like the look of certain flowers when dried.maybe I can use dried flowers above or on the grand fireplace in the ceremony room.

Transform dried flowers into gorgeous wall decor. could also use homemade paper flowers

14 Ways to Repurpose Those Beautiful Buds

I need a space for this...

Drying racks: The three basic methods, for drying herbs: hang drying, slow air drying and dehydrating. Drying herbs removes the water, yet retains the oil and medicinal benefits.

It's sometimes - or always - hard to throw away pretty flowers you received -- Here's a 'How-To' on creating beautiful dried flowers -- via @Gayle Roberts Merry Homes and Gardens

How to Create Beautiful Dried Flowers

How to Create Beautiful Dried Flowers. Steps to Perfect Dried Flowers Choose flowers that are not completely open and are not quite mature. (They continue to open as they dry and may lose petals if fully mature.

Drying flowers from the Natural Bridges Farm

A visit to Natural Bridges Farm where the Homeless Garden Project helps give people training and hope.

Pressing Flowers - How to Press Flowers and create your own Flower Press

Pressing Flowers - How to Press Flowers and create your own Flower Press. This would save soooooo many of my books because I press flowers constantly.

Drying Flowers in Sand: do with wedding flowers as decoration in house

Have Beautiful Flowers & want to enjoy them all year long? Drying Flowers in Sand.Use this technique to enjoy dried flowers year-round