Predator Proof Housing -- this is an amazing duck habitat!

The owners of this pen say that they really like the lobed-shape of their pool because the ducks can swim in their own areas. Based on their other photos, I don' think they have a drain, so they have to lift the whole thing out when they need to clean it.

Although this is a smaller than I am planing, there are some features worth considering.

"I use a pen similar to this for my call ducks. It works wonderfully! No problems with predators anymore and the ducks stay clean and out of the mud!

This is an ideal duck pen. Really wish we could do this. Raised duck pond then drain the water to use in the garden!

This is an ideal duck pen. Raised duck pond then drain the water to use in the garden! I want a duck pen now!

duck pen - I am going to try something like this in my duck coop.

for the ducks - nice set up except I would elevate the pool on blocks and put a drain plug in with a pipe to take the water away from the pen area.

Suburban Duck Pen

Suburban Duck Pen-- I like this one too, but it would need to have a solid top for shade. It would also be good if their little house had a little ramp-- easier for us to look inside and clean.

duck pen plans | It has room dividers and a removable top so I can make it 1, 2, 3, or ...

This is my floating duck palace that I made for my ducks to keep them safe from predators and a place for them to lay eggs.

HGTV presents tips on how to enhance your backyard duck pen.

Duck Pen Landscaping