dusty miller...this is sold as an annual..but it will come back every year. Mine bloomed last year..very pretty bold yellow flower

lacey dusty miller is such a pretty plant and a great way to bring in the gray color to your florals

FLOWERS: Dusty Miller

Frosty Winter Florals in Whites and Grey

Dusty Miller This is a nice thing to plant amongst flowers - makes a nice contrast.  Grows easy

Best Silver-Leaf Plants for Your Garden

One of the most productive and unique foliage plants around, this special Dusty Miller features tall, thick stems with large, smooth-edged silver leaves. The more you pick it, the more stems it produces. Ready to cut in just four months from sowing, this hardworking plant will reward you with buckets and buckets of fuzzy silvery foliage all season long. In warmer areas it will perennialize if mulched. Dusty Miller ‘New Look’ Cineraria maritima seeds available from Floret.

Dusty Miller New Look

Dusty Miller features tall, thick stems with large, smooth-edged silver leaves.

groom boutonniere: white spray rose with dusty miller  **Do you like a stem wrap or a green curly cue?  **Stem wrap can be white, blush, silver or grey satin.

White Wedding Boutonnieres

Dusty Miller 'Silverdust', I always liked the texture and color of these. 1.00 clearance plant. ( doing great has grown and standing tall in pot.) still great in October. I put this in a decorative pot with a little sign. Really like it. Did ok in hot corner. But I rotated it out of corner when it hit 90's. I learned from some of my faves dying in that corner.

Dusty Miller Plant: Care, Types, and Growing Tips

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I like them all for being gold sprayed except for dusty miller, both ferns and banana leave as they look a bit too tropical. Lambs ear is ok even if it is not gold sprayed