All of the supernatural and they forgot: Sam randomly catches fire, and dean dies in the shower

(Peanuts growling) Don't forget the best Supernatural caption ever: (Dean randomly dies in the shower)

Hilarious card! (On a blog by a person who didn't make it. I dunno anything about them, so.. look at your own risk. :) )

So I'm thinking about making some homemade Christmas cards this year and I was searching around looking for other cards and this one ma.

Scheda divertente umorismo e amore Card / scheda di anniversario / Foodie Matchbox / sei il latte per i miei biscotti / LV072

Cute Valentine Card/ Funny Love Card/ Cute Love Anniversary Card/ Matchbox / Gift box/ You are the milk to my cookies

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In 3 days it will be 9 months ago I met months ago I fell in love and 7 months ago you left. I'm sorry I took you for granted

This was me every time I played a racing game and it is definitely how college feels

Or we could use roller skates. 4 times as many weels bitch fight me

and bi people use roller skates? <— yes, and asexual people get hover boards << Pans get go karts

Doğum Günü e Kartları Hareketli - doğum günü kartları | Renkli Duvar

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best of tumblr

are you kidding, i once sneaked out seven free samples from the same kart, either no one noticed and I'm a shadow of the night, or everyone noticed me and just assumed I was homeless.