If Learning Was Water Infographic - http://elearninginfographics.com/learning-water-infographic/

The If Learning Was Water Infographic presents via metaphor what's a gamified course, what is micro learning, blended learning and informal learning.

L’approche andragogique préconisée par Malcolm Knowles est marquée par l’humanisme contemporain selon lequel l’homme est considéré comme un sujet au centre de sa propre vie, agissant sur le monde, ...

The Adult Learning Theory – Andragogy – Infographic explores Malcolm Knowles’ Adult Learning Theory, Knowles’ 5 Assumptions of Adult Lea

7 Steps to Convert Powerpoint to #eLearning Courses #InstructionalDesign

The 7 Steps to Convert Powerpoint to E-learning Courses Infographic takes a look at the steps needed to convert a PowerPoint presentation to an eLearning course

eLearning Tips for 2017

If you want your eLearning program in your company to succeed, you need to make sure that it is up to date with current standards. These important tips will help you to do that in

Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy  design #infographic #digitallearning

“ The Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Infographic presents types of activities and grading and feedback criteria to help you plan better assessments.

The Future Of E-Learning is amazing to me especially the point that this infograph makes that by the year 2019 50% of all college courses will be tough online!  http://www.amvonet.com is a online site that provides e-Learning solutions for K-12, higher education, corporate development and healthcare.

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Doubles faces jouets éducatifs feutres correspondance numéro

Double sided felt educational toys, matching number busy bag, animals and their food, preschool learning, clothespins game